Why do strategies fail too often?

While strategy formulation is where companies shine, strategy execution is the ingredient that separates winners from losers.

Strategies typically don’t fail because they are wrong. They fail because there is no implementation process to carry out the strategy.

How to fix it?

Strategy is about change. Something different that does not get done with the current set up as part of everyday operations

Strategy Execution requires its own process

Strategy Execution can be achieved by creating a set of processes to integrate this as a part of normal business management


Strategy Program Office plans the roadmap for implementing the strategy via projects

Projects can be what ever is required for strategy execution & implementation

Represent one step in strategy roadmap

Project Managers and project teams implement these projects

These teams are built for ad-hoc purpose of carrying out the specific goal(s) of individual projects

Deliver measurable results that can be compared to strategy target set

Feedback to Strategy Creation and Management for necessary improvements and adjustments

How we can help your organization

  • Free top management time to focus on strategy formulation
  • Tailor strategy mobilization process to fit your current environment
  • Provide visibility to strategy mobilization status and results
  • Leave you with continuous practice of strategy execution

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